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Ukrainian Saturday School "MRIA"​

in Luxembourg

Our dream is to create an educational space filled with the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian culture, based on our great Ukrainian history and the experience of our ancestors.

We believe that without knowledge of the past it is impossible to build a peaceful and free future.

Within the framework of the project, we offer development and communication with the help of games, sports, recreational and educational activities and groups.
Age 3 to 11 years
Every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m

4 Rue Eich, 3352 Leudelange (Centre Culturel "An der Eech")

The cost of attending school for children in temporary protection status will be 10 euros per month.

*This discount only applies to those whose monthly income is less than the official minimum wage recorded in Luxembourg
The cost for children permanently residing in Luxembourg will be 100 euros per month.
10% discount for the second child from the same family
20% discount for the third and subsequent children from the same family



Development of creative abilities through drawing and creating thematic crafts from various materials.

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Study and improving the Ukrainian language. Familiarity with   Ukrainian culture and history.


Theater workshop. Language development, acting skills and productions of mini-shows.

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Development through movements. Dancing, yoga, musical games and competitions.


Getting to know the culture and traditions of Luxembourg.

Learning musical literacy, getting to know and exploring Ukrainian traditions and culture through song and music.

"Don’t expect your children to fulfill your ambitions. Help them to become who they truly are, not who you are."

Janusz Korczak

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